Need any data that is available on this website? Please message me. I am active on discord and I should respond to mails within 1-3 days. The changelog database has tracked every change made to a card (power, provision, ability, armor, ...) which is currently not used by the UI for example. A deckbuilder is being build and can be currently accessed at with code available on github (work in progress). A card data API will be available on soon. has always been a learning project of mine. Everything here started with a very basic understanding of how things work. I've put a few thousand hours into it with many more to come.


If you want to support the website you can do so via Patreon or Paypal.
Donations are used to pay for the domain, the server and a potential server upgrade (Gbps, Backups, ..)

No Ads and Tracking

This website will never run any external or internal analytics - I despise tracking. I also hate ads - I would shutdown the website over running ads. If you ever see tracking or ads on this website you should check your devices or contact me because that would mean something has been compromised. I do not use any external websites I host things like fonts here so nothing goes outside of I check logs (default nginx logs) for errors when I make changes to the website to find errors on my part other than that my logs are deleted every 7 days. I generally do not care what you do here (bulk downloading premium cards, art, ...) but keep in mind that this is a tiny bare metal server with a 100 Mbit connection and the current size of is over 35GB. Because I do not run ads also means I do not care about search rankings in google - I'm sorry if you have trouble finding My open graph tags were designed for discord first because of the discord bot (not developed by me).


Currently there are no cookies this is mainly because I have ignored them in my whole learning process. But in the future I might store a few things in them for the usability. The current image exporter could use an update and the values of your choice should go into a cookie so you don't have to reenter them all the time. The value of a volume slider should also be stored there if I'll add one. None of these things will do any tracking obviously.


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