False Ciri
Human, Agent, Aristocrat
Deploy: Play a bronze Tactic from your graveyard and give it Doomed.
At the end of your turn, boost self by 1.
Grace 8: Move self to the opposite row and Purify self.
Disloyal: This card is played on the opposite side of the battlefield, then gains Spying.
Deploy: Trigger this ability when played.
Doomed: Status that removes the card from the game after it leaves the battlefield.
Grace: The first time this unit's power is equal to or higher than the specified amount, trigger the ability. If the condition is already met when it enters the battlefield, trigger it immediately.
Purify: Remove all statuses.
Here she comes, he thought, our imperial interest. A mock-princess, a mock-queen for Cintra. A mock-ruler for the mouth of the Yarra, future lifeblood of the empire.
Illustration by: Bogna Gawrońska