Feign Death
Scenario: Progress whenever you play an elf.
Prologue: Spawn a Vernossiel's Commando in this row.
Chapter 1: Spawn 2 Elven Deadeyes in this row.
Chapter 2: Spawn and play Waylay.
Damage an enemy unit by 3 and Spawn an Elven Deadeye on a random allied row
Elf, Token, Bandit
Elf, Bandit
At the end of your turn, boost self by 1 if you control only Elf units.
Ignore the condition if you control Vernossiel.
Doomed: Status that removes the card from the game after it leaves the battlefield.
Spawn: Add a card to the game.
In order to set a trap, you should usually hide. But… there are exceptions to this rule.
Illustration by: Astor Alexander