Mysteries of Loc Feainn
Scenario, Cursed
Scenario: Progress whenever you play a unit with Harmony.
Prologue: Spawn Lake Guardian: Dawn Aspect on this row and set its power to the number of non-Neutral units with unique primary categories in your starting deck.
Chapter 1: Whenever you play a non-Neutral unit, boost it by 1 for each category it has.
Chapter 2: Spawn and play Loc Feainn: Convergence.
Create a bronze Scoia'tael unit with a primary category that you don't control.
Doomed: Status that removes the card from the game after it leaves the battlefield.
Harmony: Boost self by 1 or the specified amount whenever you play a non-Neutral unit, whose primary category is unique among all of your units.
Spawn: Add a card to the game.
Here, all nature returns to its source; all life finds renewal.
Illustration by: Anton Nazarenko