The Maiden's Shield
Human, Knight
Grace 8: Spawn Bronwen the Bold to the right of self.
Grace 14: Boost the allied Bronwen the Bold by 3.
Deathwish: Lock the allied Bronwen the Bold.
Human, Cursed, Aristocrat
Order (Grace 5): Infuse an allied unit with "Whenever this unit receives a boost from other abilities, boost self by the same amount".
Shield: Status that blocks the next instance of damage dealt to a unit.
Grace: The first time this unit's power is equal to or higher than the specified amount, trigger the ability. If the condition is already met when it enters the battlefield, trigger it immediately.
Spawn: Add a card to the game.
Deathwish: Trigger this ability when destroyed and moved from the battlefield to the graveyard. Note: Banished units are not sent to the graveyard.
Lock: Status that disables a unit's abilities.
Her great, quiet guardian, now known to most only as Scruffy, had soon abandoned his old name after meeting fierce little Bronwen for the first time. In this tribulation, he saw his one opportunity for penance.
Illustration by: Toni Muntean