Human, Cultist
Deploy: Damage self by 2, then Lock all units in your opponent's hand until the end of round. The next time your opponent plays a Locked unit, remove Lock from all units in your opponent's hand.
Adrenaline 2: Lock self instead.
Deploy: Trigger this ability when played.
Lock: Status that disables a unit's abilities.
Adrenaline: Trigger this ability if you have specified number or fewer cards in your hand. Cards with Adrenaline are highlighted when their effect is stronger.
In his vision, he saw a mage beckon to a black sky as it split open. From the breach, he saw an enormous monstrosity with hooked limbs descending upon a city, smashing and crushing it to rubble. He saw destruction, death, and chaos incarnate, and he was paralysed with fear.
Illustration by: Oleksandr Kozachenko