Eudora Breckenriggs
At the start of the game, Infuse a random Zoltan in your deck with "When this card appears on the battlefield, Spawn Eudora Breckenriggs to the right of self and boost her by 1 for each Zoltan in your starting deck", then Banish self.
Deploy (Melee): Spawn and play Duda: Agitator.
Deploy (Ranged): Spawn and play Duda: Companion.
Deploy: Boost adjacent Dwarves by 2.
Dwarf, Soldier, Warrior
Deploy: Damage 2 enemy units by 3. For each unit that survived, Spawn a Rowdy Dwarf on this row.
Barricade: At the end of your turn, damage a random enemy unit by 1.
Infused: Status that adds effects or categories to a card. Removing the status also removes all added effects and categories. Lock disables Infused abilities.
Spawn: Add a card to the game.
Banish: Remove from the game. Note: Does not count as being destroyed.
Dinnae just follow yer heart tae yer sweetums. Yer wits matter every bit as much.
Illustration by: Toni Muntean