In Gedyneith's Shadow
Scenario: Progress whenever you play a Druid.
Prologue: Spawn a Crow Clan Preacher on this row.
Chapter 1: Spawn and play Crow's-eye Rhizome.
Chapter 2: Spawn and play Mardroeme.
Damage a unit by 3, then boost it by 9.
Human, Druid
Whenever you play an Alchemy card, boost self by 1.
Bonded: Boost self by 2 instead.
Spawn 2 Crows in allied row. If you control a Druid, Spawn 3 Crows instead.
Doomed: Status that removes the card from the game after it leaves the battlefield.
Spawn: Add a card to the game.
Rulers are crowned in its shadow. Traitors are hanged on its branches.
Illustration by: Kevin Zamir Goeke