Bountiful Harvest
Create and play a bronze Scoia'tael Elf, then, depending on the position of the chosen unit, boost the leftmost, a random, or the rightmost unit in your hand by 2.
Elf, Soldier, Agent
Deploy: Damage 2 random enemy units by 2.
Elf, Soldier
Deploy (Melee): Damage an enemy unit by 3.
Deploy (Ranged): Damage 2 units by 1.
Deathblow: Spawn an Elven Deadeye on this row.
Elf, Soldier
Deploy: Damage an enemy unit by 1 for each row that separates it from this unit.
Elf, Soldier
Melee: Whenever an enemy unit moves, damage it by 1.
Ranged: Whenever an allied unit moves, boost it by 1.
Order: Create and play a bronze Scoia'tael special card with a provision cost equal to, or lower than, this card's power.
When you play a special card, Spawn a base copy of self on this row and remove a Counter.
Counter: 1
Elf, Mage, Soldier
Deploy: Give an enemy unit Bleeding equal to the amount of boost on this card.
Bonded: Damage it by that amount instead.
Create: Spawn one of three randomly selected cards from the specified source.
Never have we tilled nor torn up the land, unlike you dh'oine with your hoes and ploughs. You wrest bloody tributes from the Queen of the Fields, while we celebrate her every gift.
Illustration by: Yama Orce