Deploy: Banish the bronze unit to the right, then gain Resilience.
Order: Transform self into a base copy of the Banished unit.
Exposed: Purify self.
Deploy: Trigger this ability when played.
Banish: Remove from the game. Note: Does not count as being destroyed.
Resilience: Status that allows a unit to remain on the battlefield at the end of the round, then disappears.
Note: Boost and Armor are not carried over to the next round.
Order: An ability triggered manually by the player. Cards with Order cannot be used for 1 turn after being placed on the battlefield.
Exposed: Trigger this ability whenever the unit loses its Armor.
Purify: Remove all statuses.
The driver swore he was carrying seeds. But seeds don't clank on bumps in the road…
Illustration by: Karol Bem