Human, Warrior
Deploy (Melee): Summon a Beast from your deck to the opposite row and Infuse it with "Deathwish: Boost the enemy Sove twice by own base power", then damage it by 1 for each damaged enemy unit and gain Immunity.
Deploy: Trigger this ability when played.
Melee: This ability can only be used while on the melee row.
Summon: Move automatically to the battlefield (not considered played).
Infused: Status that adds effects or categories to a card. Removing the status also removes all added effects and categories. Lock disables Infused abilities.
Deathwish: Trigger this ability when destroyed and moved from the battlefield to the graveyard. Note: Banished units are not sent to the graveyard.
Immunity: Status whereby this card cannot be manually targeted.
The chimera was child's play compared to what awaited at home.
Illustration by: Toni Muntean