Igor the Hook
Human, Cutups
Fee 5: Spawn and Summon a base copy of a bronze allied unit to Igor's row.
Cooldown: 1.
Insanity: If you have insufficient Coins, damage this unit by its Fee amount, ignoring its Armor, to trigger its Fee ability.
Note: Insanity cannot be used if it would destroy the unit and works only if damage is inflicted.
Fee: Trigger this ability by spending the specified number of Coins.
Spawn: Add a card to the game.
Summon: Move automatically to the battlefield (not considered played).
Cooldown: The number of turns before an Order or Fee ability can be reused.
In the left corner, a bloodthirsty shaelmaar, and in the right co--oh bollocks... Fight's over, hold your bets!
Illustration by: Daniel Valaisis