Whoreson Junior
Human, Cutups
Deploy: Damage a boosted enemy unit by 6. Gain a Coin for each point of excess damage dealt.
Devotion: Damage an enemy unit instead.
Fee 3: Destroy an enemy unit with 3 or less power.
Insanity: If you have insufficient Coins, damage this unit by its Fee amount, ignoring its Armor, to trigger its Fee ability.
Note: Insanity cannot be used if it would destroy the unit and works only if damage is inflicted.
Deploy: Trigger this ability when played.
Coin: The Novigradian underworld's currency of choice for paying Fees and Tributes. You may possess a maximum of 9 Coins. Your Coin-count is reduced by half (rounded down) when carried over into the next round.
Devotion: Trigger this ability if your starting deck has no neutral cards.
Fee: Trigger this ability by spending the specified number of Coins.
A war with Whoreson will see Novigrad's gutters run red with blood.
Illustration by: Daniel Valaisis