Gellert Bleinheim
Human, Salamandra
Profit 2.
Fee 1: Poison an allied unit and boost it by 2.
Cooldown: 1
Adrenaline 6: At the end of your turn, Purify self.
Profit: Gain a specified number of Coins when this card is played. You may possess a maximum of 9 Coins.
Immunity: Status whereby this card cannot be manually targeted.
Fee: Trigger this ability by spending the specified number of Coins.
Poison: Status - if a unit receives two instances of Poison, destroy it.
Cooldown: The number of turns before an Order or Fee ability can be reused.
Adrenaline: Trigger this ability if you have specified number or fewer cards in your hand. Cards with Adrenaline are highlighted when their effect is stronger.
Purify: Remove all statuses.
“How's my brother doing in the woods, I wonder...” ⁠— Gellert
Illustration by: Bryan Sola