Crach an Craite
Human, Pirate
Deploy: Give 2 Armor to 3 Pirates or Ships in your hand.
Order: Damage a unit by 1.
Cooldown: 2
Whenever you play a Pirate or Ship next to Crach, damage it and the lowest power enemy unit by each others power.
Deploy: Trigger this ability when played.
Armor: Protects the unit from damage. This value doesn't count towards your score and/or the unit's power.
Order: An ability triggered manually by the player. Cards with Order cannot be used for 1 turn after being placed on the battlefield.
Cooldown: The number of turns before an Order or Fee ability can be reused.
Nilfgaardians call 'im Tirth ys Muire, the Wild Boar o' the Sea. Use 'im to scare their kiddies!
Illustration by: Bartłomiej Gaweł