Dwarf, Warrior
Deploy: Choose an enemy unit. If its base power is higher than self's, gain 3 Armor.
Barricade: At the end of your turn, damage chosen unit by 1.
Deathblow: Gain Resilience.
Deploy: Trigger this ability when played.
Armor: Protects the unit from damage. This value doesn't count towards your score and/or the unit's power.
Barricade: Trigger this ability if the unit has armor.
Deathblow: Trigger this ability if this card destroys a unit.
Resilience: Status that allows a unit to remain on the battlefield at the end of the round, then disappears.
Note: Boost and Armor are not carried over to the next round.
Aye, they call me the Giantslayer, and nay, it ain't from bein' a humongous bastard now, is it, ye cocknosed shite!
Illustration by: Anton Nazarenko