The Eternal Eclipse
Scenario: Progress whenever you play a gold Cultist.
Prologue: Spawn Eternal Eclipse Initiate on this row.
Chapter 1: Infuse all your non-Disloyal Cultists on the battlefield, in your hand and in your deck with "Whenever you play a Cultist, boost self by 1, then increase this value by 1 if it was a bronze".
Chapter 2: Spawn and play Eternal Eclipse Deacon.
Human, Cultist
Deploy: Infuse a unit in your hand with the Cultist category.
Order: Infuse a unit in your deck with the Cultist category.
Human, Cultist
Order: Infuse a bronze enemy unit with "Whenever your opponent plays a Cultist, damage self by 1. Deathwish: Spawn a base copy of self on the opposite row, Infuse it with the Cultist category, then set its power to the number of Cultists your opponent controls".
Doomed: Status that removes the card from the game after it leaves the battlefield.
Spawn: Add a card to the game.
Infused: Status that adds effects or categories to a card. Removing the status also removes all added effects and categories. Lock disables Infused abilities.
Disloyal: This card is played on the opposite side of the battlefield, then gains Spying.
For the uninitiated, the Grand Scheme will manifest itself as an avalanche: a series of seemingly insignificant events putting the entire mountain slope in motion to sweep away the ancien régime. Only the madmen and the thorough historians, studying the developments of these days in retrospect, many decades later, will discover the truth: it was a mechanism as precise as a clock, counting down to the advent of a new world order.
Illustration by: Anton Nazarenko