Gorthur Gvaed
Deploy: Spawn and play a Viper Witcher Adept, Viper Witcher, Viper Witcher Mentor, or Viper Witcher Alchemist.
Order: Move a card from your opponent's graveyard to the top of their deck.
Deploy: Give an enemy unit Bleeding (2).
Adrenaline 6: If it's not a Token, Spawn a base copy of that unit at the top of your opponent's deck.
Deploy: Set the power of this card to match the provision cost of the top card in your opponent's deck.
Adrenaline 2: Set the power of this card to match the provision cost of the highest-cost card in your opponent's deck instead.
Deploy (Melee): Reveal a random unit from your opponent's deck and boost self by its power.
At the end of your turn, boost self by 1 if your opponent has more cards in the deck than you.
Resilience: Status that allows a unit to remain on the battlefield at the end of the round, then disappears.
Note: Boost and Armor are not carried over to the next round.
Deploy: Trigger this ability when played.
Spawn: Add a card to the game.
Order: An ability triggered manually by the player. Cards with Order cannot be used for 1 turn after being placed on the battlefield.
There were many scrolls and manuscripts about the legend of the Wild Hunt in the stronghold—and for a good reason.
Illustration by: Zuza Kapuścińska