Salamandra Hideout
Location, Salamandra
Deploy: Spawn and play Failed Experiment, Salamandra Abomination, Salamandra Mage or Salamandra Lackey.
Order: Move Poison from an ally to another unit.
Human, Salamandra
Deploy: Purify an allied unit and gain 2 Coins for each status removed.
Beast, Mutant, Salamandra
Tribute 1: Poison self.
Whenever this unit is Poisoned, boost self by 2.
Adrenaline 6: At the end of your turn, Purify self.
Human, Mage, Salamandra
Tribute 5: Damage 3 adjacent enemy units by 2.
Whenever you pay a Tribute ability, gain 1 Coins.
Adrenaline 5: Gain 2 Coins instead.
Human, Mutant, Salamandra
Deploy: Poison self.
Fee 4: Move Poison from self to a unit.
Cooldown: 3
Those who go lurking in the sewers beneath Vizima better watch out, as there are things far worse than rats hidden amid the darkness of the city’s underbelly.
Illustration by: Bogdan Rezunenko