Version History

2021-04-01 v8.4.0      - playgwent News     Balance changes
2021-03-09 v8.3.0      - playgwent News     Familiar Faces
2021-02-09 v8.2.0      - playgwent News     Yen Journey
2021-01-08 v8.1.0      - playgwent News     Madoc, Tooltip fixes
2020-12-08 v8.0.0      - playgwent News     Way of the Witcher Expansion
2020-11-17 v7.4.1      - playgwent News     META SHAKEUP
2020-10-01 v7.3.0      - playgwent News     Artifact Removal, Balance changes
2020-09-01 v7.2.0      - playgwent News     Ability reworks, Balance changes
2020-08-10 v7.1.1      - playgwent twitter  SK Hotfix
2020-08-02 v7.1.0      - playgwent News     Ciri Journey
2020-07-07 v7.0.2      - playgwent News     Master Mirror Hotfix
2020-06-30 v7.0.0      - playgwent News     Master Mirror Expansion
2020-05-05 v6.2.0      - playgwent News     Balance changes
2020-04-02 v6.1.0      - playgwent News     New Abilities, Journey, Balance (Android is v6.0)
2020-03-03 v5.2.0      - playgwent News     Year of the Wererat, Balance changes
2020-02-04 v5.1.0      - playgwent News     Balance changes
2019-12-13 v5.0.1      - playgwent News     Merchants of Ofir Hotfix
2019-12-09 v5.0.0      - playgwent News     Merchants of Ofir Expansion
2019-10-28 v4.1.0      - playgwent News     Balance changes (29th iOS Release)
2019-10-09 v4.0.3      - playgwent News     Iron Judgment Balance Hotfix 
2019-10-02 v4.0.0      - playgwent News     Iron Judgment Expansion 
2019-08-30 v3.2.0      - playgwent News     Vampire Rework, Balance 
2019-07-31 v3.1.0      - playgwent News     NR Rework, Bronze Rebalance
2019-07-05 v3.0.1      - playgwent News     Syndicate Hotfix
2019-06-28 v3.0.0      - playgwent News     Novigrad Expansion
2019-05-30 v2.2.0      - playgwent News     User Experience Update
2019-04-30 v2.1.0      - playgwent News     Nilfgaard Update
2019-04-04 v2.0.1      - playgwent News     CC Dettlaff Hotfix
2019-03-28 v2.0.0      - playgwent News     Crimson Curse Expansion
2019-02-28 v1.3.0      - playgwent News     Seasonal Trees Update
2019-01-31 v1.2.0      - playgwent News     Thronebreaker Leaders Update
2019-01-10 v1.1.0      - playgwent News     Mulligan Update
2018-12-04 v1.0.1.26   - playgwent News     Console Release
2018-11-07 v1.0.0.15-2 - playgwent News     Artifact Provision Update
2018-10-23 v1.0.0.15   - playgwent News     PC Release

Contenido nuevo

Cartas: 1
Cada vez que juegues una carta de bomba, invoca esta carta desde tu mazo o cementerio a una fila aliada al azar.
Orden: genera Cataclismo durante 1 turno en la fila opuesta, después destruye esta unidad.

If you spot an error let me know, I sometimes screw up the color or miss a card. Keep in mind errors can be due to CDPR forgetting to update the card text while it has been nerfed in this current version. You'll have to check the official patch notes for clarification. CDPRs text errors will never be fixed by me because the card text will always reflect how it is displayed in the game.
Balance changes only.